Crib Time

Slow and steady we’ve been making the transition from our bed to the crib with Zoie. It has been very slow, but last night she slept in the crib all night! 

Usually we’ll cuddle and I’ll rock her to sleep & then I’ll lay her in the crib.  Sometimes she’ll wake up and just need a couple pats on the back or some more cuddle time with me in the crib, but she’ll go back to sleep. She’ll last until around 2am and then she’ll stand up and poke me and start screaming. I’ll pick her up, put her in bed with us and she’ll fall right back to sleep. 

We’ve been doing that for the past couple nights. Well last night we were in the living room, she cuddled up on top of me and fell right to sleep. I took her upstairs and laid her in the crib, covered her up with her dinosaur blanket and she slept until 6:40am!! She then laid in our bed for another hour snoozing. 

We will see how long it keeps up, I think she’s making the transition pretty well! & the crib is right next to the bed, so she knows we’re right there for her!

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