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Coconut Water

Kids have that one thing they just love to eat or drink and they just have to have it all the time.  Zoie’s big thing, coconut water.  Somethings she’s had to have since she’s been very little.

We always have a case of the liter coconut waters on hand in our house, Zoie will drink things along with all her juice and coconut milk.  Sometimes when we are out it’s a little tough carrying around those large litters in our bag.

But, Zico has actually come out with small containers, 8.45 FL OZ.  They are about juice box size, so we can pop a straw in them and she can drink or put them in our CamelBak Kid.  They fit nicely in our to-go bag and the best part, there is an Amazon Dash Button for them (click here to learn about the Amazon Dash)!  Every Friday morning on the way to my shower, I just push the button & a new case here Sunday afternoon.

Coconut water is great for rehydration!  So we are always pumping her full of the drink, especially after the park or physical activities.  Coconuts and coconut water have many health benefits, and are great for your body.  So we keep all kinds of coconut products in our house.

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