Cloth Diapers

When I first decided I wanted Zoie-Lynne in cloth diapers I never knew how many people didn’t realize that they existed anymore.

When we go to doctors visits, hospitals or talk to other people they look at us like we are crazy for using them. They ask us so many questions & are so baffled by our choice in using them. Another thing people still think you have to use metal pins that poke babies, no we use snap diapers that are completely safe.

One of the biggest questions we get is why. Why did we decided to use cloth diapers.

The first reason for me was Zoie-Lynne’s skin. Have you ever read the ingredients to a diaper?!?! Bleach, Gels, Glues, etc (click here for list). Then you continually hear about babies getting chemical burn and/or rashes all over them. On top of that really bad diaper rash!! The inserts for a cloth diapers we use are made of bamboo and cotton, that is it no weird chemicals to harm her skin.

The second reason, money!! In just one year you save over $2,000 dollars. We decided that we were going to buy the one size fits all diapers, so that she will be in them from birth until she starts potty training. Between the diapers we received from as a gift (thank you Heather & Jim) and the ones we had purchased we have 25 diapers & about 35-40 inserts. When I found out I was pregnant we slowly bought diapers on Amazon when they were on sale & when they weren’t. We went with the brands Alva, Chunk and BumGenius, they are all very nice.  They were much cheaper purchasing them online than buying them in stores!!  Also, we had Amazon Prime so our shipping is free, which is completely worth it.  If you are thinking of cloth diapers, my favorite inserts are the Alva, they are bamboo but are so absorbent!! Oh & along with cloth diapers we use Bumkins cloth wipes, they are so nice & would recommend them if using cloth diapers.

Lastly, they are so much more cute than ugly white diapers!!  She has monkey, elephant, Dr. Suess & dinosaur diapers, always looking adorable I think.

Then we always get the question of how do we clean them.  Well we wash them in the washer, just like clothing & we wash them every other day.  We have a big wet bag in a bin that we fill up, that’s next to her changing table.  We throw them in the washer on hot with the homemade detergent I made (click here for recipe), then wash them again on cold & then air dry in the house to dry.  Very very simple!!  They have to be stripped every 4-6 months, which is just putting them in boiling water with soap & then washing them. & if you’re wondering about poo, it’s liquid so it goes down the drain. When she gets older we will just dump it down the toilet.

Another question we get, what about when your out? Well just like diapers we carry inserts with us & a couple shells. Then we have wet bags we put them in & then bring them home so wash them, very simple.

We never run out of diapers, neither of us have to make trips to the store just for diapers & it’s very easy for us. To me I wouldn’t have it any other way & I’d definitely recommend cloth diapers to everyone!!

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