Clipping Fingernails

When it comes to clipping fingernails with Zoie it is seriously the END OF THE WORLD. I’ve never seen a child go so crazy over something so small. But tonight we finally, FINALLY after 17 months figured out a way to do it without being punched in the face or a complete meltdown!

What better way to distract a kid from getting their fingernails cut than a snack and iPad?! We gave Zoie her favorite snack, Simply Balanced Organic Strawberry Fruit Snacks, sat them right in front of her. Then I put her favorite app on the iPad, Laugh & Learn Learning Letter Puppy and sat that in front of her propped up. Then I sat behind her and just cut her fingernails, it was over in less than a minute! Seriously, less than a minute, it usually takes 2 hours!

There was no screaming throwing herself on the floor, no biting, punching in the face, NOTHING! Why didn’t we figure this out earlier?! 17 Months of crazy torture and lots of days just letting the nails grow and being scratched in the face!

Here is to hopes that every fingernail clipping goes this smooth!

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