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Carnegie Science Center

On October 3rd Zoie turned 1,000 Days old! Of course we had to celebrate, so we took her best friend & her to the Carnegie Science Center.

A couple months ago James & I had won 4 tickets to the Carnegie Science Center from the Pittsburgh AdFed Media Auction. This was a great day to use them.

The girls absolutely loved their surprise, floors and floors of great science fun. Before we even got inside we were already having fun outside with the dinosaur, flowers & the silly maze area.

The first floor they loved the all the fun interactive stations; playing with the boats, making dams out of sand & making balls float. They really liked the different little creatures they saw in the back area; fish, frogs, turtles and even cockroaches.

On the second floor they were amazed by the Miniature Railroad & Village, just about everything moved around & trains kept flying by. The biggest hit of course was the Thomas train, the girls loved him. Zoie’s favorite part of the floor was roboworld, she had the chance to see C3P0 & R2D2, she was a little upset they didn’t talk. We also had the chance to learn about the moon with Big Bird & Elmo, we visited the planetarium for a quick show. The girls did great and sat through the whole movie!

Sadly, the third floor was closed to get ready for the Body Stage, we’re looking forward to go back to see that. The last floor was probably the best for children their age, the Exploration Station Jr. area. They had a lot of fun water tables set up, with toys, balls and funnels for the kids. A fun ball area, where balls ball pit balls fell from the sky, you could load the bucket up from different pipes and conveyor belt. There were also giant building blocks, books for different ages, a giant toothbrush and teeth station to learn about your teeth. This floor really wore them out.

We took the elevator down and outside, where we had the chance to go inside of a real submarine the USS Requin. Zoie was not a very big fan of being enclosed in the submarine, but did good going through and not touching anything.

Lastly, we finished up our trip with a visit to the Highmark SportsWork building. Catalina’s favorite part was by far getting to jump on the trampoline & zoie’s was having the chance to play with a hockey stick that was just her size. We even had the chance to sit inside of the simulator to go through the body, Zoie again was not too interested in being inside of a closed space. But, she did great and watched the whole video.

All and all it was a pretty great visit! We had a fun time, the girls loved exploring and we’re looking into getting a membership to have even more fun!

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