Car Seat Blanket

With having Zoie-Lynne in the winter time I wanted to make sure she was nice & warm in her carseat when we take her out.  

I thought getting her a car seat winter jump suite would be awesome, we looked everywhere for one and couldn’t find one.  Then I received one at my Baby Shower.  Just put her in the jump suite and then strap her in, it is super fluffy and thought nothing of it.  But the more I read about having a winter baby the more I found out that they were completely unsafe!!  You should never put your baby in one, since the straps go overtop of the jump suite the baby is not actually secure.

I didn’t just want to get her a blanket to put overtop, what if she kicked it off or it fell off.  She received two really cute blankets from my cousin Marie  (pictures to come) & my friend LeLe.  But I wanted those more for her around the house.  Then on Pinterest I seen car seat blankets.  a blanket that is specifically designed so that the straps come thru the blanket and then wraps around the baby.  Keeping the baby warm and safe, no worries.  I’ve done some research just to make sure & they are actually doctor recommend if you don’t just want to throw a blanket over top of the baby.

I don’t have a sowing machine (I really need to invest in one), so I decided just to get one on Etsy.  Can I just say MY GOD people charge the craziest prices on there.  I found a cute pink mustache one I wanted to get, until I seen it was $120!!  With my search on Etsy I came across a store called HomeMazingHome.  She had the option of handmade fleece blankets, that also have hoods!!  Most of the blankets didn’t have hoods, just blankets.  Yes Zoie-Lynne will have a hat on, but an extra hood will help prevent ear infections.   Even cooler she has many different colors that you can choose from!!  The best part, only $20, seriously only $20!!  I bought Zoie-Lynne a yellow one & it came today in the mail, I love it (see below).   Another thing I really love, is the fact that the holes are big enough Zoie-Lynne can use it with this car seat and then the next one and so on.  So she’ll have the blanket for awhile or until it becomes so stained I have to buy another one.

I definitely know what I’ll be buying people for baby shower gifts.  To get your own Car Seat Blanket click here.

Car Seat Blanket - HomeMazingHomeCar Seat Blanket - HomeMazingHome

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