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Cape May

We spent a whole week in James childhood vacation spot, Cape May New Jersey.  Zoie had a great time, and enjoyed her first beach trip. 

Zoie touched ocean sand for the very first time, she was a little shocked. She liked playing in the sand, but wasn’t too happy about it sticking to her. So she liked keeping a container of clean water handy to wash her hands. She loved building sand castles, shoveling the sand and making “sand worms” with her nana.

She really wasn’t into the ocean the first couple days. We’d get near the water and she’d scream and run back. After a couple days she put her feet in, would get in a little bit if we held her and finally she was all about being in the ocean. The very last night she wanted to walk along the beach to put her feet in and she then jumped head first into the ocean.

Not only did she enjoy the beach, but she enjoyed some other attractions of Cape May. We ate out a lot lunches and dinners, each place giving a kid’s meal purchase a free Frisbee. She played lots of arcade games! She really liked the game where you squirted ducks with water to get them to go thru an opening & dropping coins to get them to go off the ledge. She even had a chance to play mini golf, Nana & Grumpa were excellent teachers, but she didn’t quite get it. We will be taking her to play a couple rounds here in Pittsburgh.

But, probably Zoie’s favorite is the Cape May Sweet House! They had two ferris wheels in the window and her new favorite snack, Gummy Sharks.

We also had a fun visit from her great uncle Al & she had the chance to meet her cousin Emma for the first time.

It was a pretty successful trip, Zoie had a great time and we have some great photos of the trip.

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