Can’t Pee

I’ve been drinking tons of water all day, staying hydrated. The last time I’ve physically urinated was around 10am.

Every time after that it’s been a dribble. I feel the urge to pee, but nothing comes out. My nephrostomy bag however is filling & has needed to be emptied many times today. But I still keep feeling the URGH to use the bathroom. It feels like you’ve held it so long that your about to explode. It’s very uncomfortable!! Sitting on the toilet & it’s just like you sit there and the URGH is still there but nothing comes out.

When I looked it up it said it could be a UTI, which is common in pregnancy. Just keep drinking fluids, cranberry pills & get plenty of vitamin c.

I just had a slight worry, just in case so James called the doctor. They said unless I’m in unbearable pain & the bag is filling I’m fine. Bring it up with the Dr. Tanner on Tuesdays apt. Also, continue to stay hydrated & possibly treat it as a UTI just in case.

So tonight I will be drinking OJ, water & taking a cranberry pill. Just to make sure, UTIs are not good for Zoie-Lynne. We will see how everything goes. No pain, it’s just uncomfortable.

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