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When we first switched Zoie to a sippy cup right after her first birthday we wanted something with a straw, didn’t spill and was durable!  The first one we tried was absolutely HORRIBLE & then we found CamelBak Kids!  The most amazing cup for a toddler who is tough on their stuff and durable!

The first sippy cup I seriously would not recommend it was the Tomme Tippie Straw Tumbler!  Seriously the worst mistake of my life.  First let me just say they are not whatsoever leak proof.  Even when the sippy cup is sitting right side up, no matter what the contents are it comes right out of the straw all over the place.  If you close the lid and place the sippy cup in the fridge, then open the cup after a couple minutes or hours it explodes in your face.  Not just with juice but with water also!  Not only after all of that, they are very hard to clean!  The straw does not come off of the lid, making it hard to clean the inside under the spill proof piece.  The package also says they insulated to keep drinks cool, this is false.  The contents become warm very quickly, it is like a small oven.  The only good thing about this product was the nice designs on the outside.

We then found the CamelBak Kids for Zoie.  She drinks a lot, so we needed a cup that would hold a lot of liquid, this cup holds .4L!  Not only does it hold a lot of liquid it is super easy to clean and change out parts.  The valve comes in many different colors and is easily washable.   The straw is large enough also is easily detachable, large to allow large amount of liquids thru and also easy to clean.  These also come in many different designs and colors!! Zoie has three now and her favorite is the dinosaur CamelBak.  They are also affordable, they are $12.99 at Target and $11.94 on  If you think that is a little bit pricey for a cup, well know that they are lifetime guaranteed!  So if your toddler is rough on their items, know that you will be able to replace the item, please see their warranty program by clicking here.

Let me know if your little one enjoys the CamelBak kids!  Comment below!


CamelBak Kids |




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