Born Free Glass Bottles

I’m all about the environment & earth friend products. So when it came to bottles we knew for Zoie we definitely wanted to use glass for her.

I wish I could be with her all the time so we wouldn’t have to buy bottles & she could be nursed. But I have to go to work & pump, so the milk needs to be fed to her someway.

We had no clue about bottles when we started & barley anyone even sells glass bottles, so it was a little hard to, but easy to narrow the search down. On top of that we wanted a bottle that Zoie could switch back & forth from nursing to bottle.

After some research & emailing companies about their bottles we ended up going with Born Free Glass bottles. They have an active flow system, leak proof, could easily go back & forth & lastly they were glass. It has been four months & she does great with them.

On top of that it was so hard to find a daycare to accept glass bottles. I understand they can be a safety hazard because they are glass, but they have silicon sleeves. So if you are in a Kinder Care in PA you can use glass bottles, as long as they have the silicon sleeves. They come in pink & blue, again they have to be purchased online. We bought ours off of Amazon, Summer Baby has them on their site.

We thought we’d have to go out and buy plastic bottles, so I did ask Born Free if the pieces were interchangeable & they are, which is great.

After Zoie is done with them I can give them to someone & they can use them for awhile since they are glass.

I definitely would recommend these bottles to anyone.


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