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Reading to me is something I think everyone should set aside time to do, personally I fail at doing that. I do feel it’s important for parents to read to their children. 

We’ve been reading to Zoie since she was in my tummy. From magazine articles, instructions to actual books. The first series we started reading to her was Harry Potter, I know a bit much, but hey we were still reading to her.  We’re still reading the series to her, even at 2.5. She might not grasp the concept, but she’s taking in the words. 

Reading to children helps them grow their vocabulary & listening skills. We read all kinds of things to Zoie. Like when making dinner and I’m using a recipe, I’ll read it out loud while she’s helping. If I’m making something out of a box or putting something together, I try to read the instructions to her, to get her more interacted. We’ve even read soap bottles while in the shower 😊

As a child I always struggled with reading. I always went to the library, but my house was never very full of books.  I remember sitting on my grams lap while she read me the newspaper.  Even sitting next to her while I colored and she read the latest Danielle Steel book. Not until I was in high school and I volunteered at the library I started my interest in started. Now I find it very difficult to set aside time to read. I’ve been getting better at setting aside the time to read when she’s around, so she sees me reading.  

A couple months ago we went to a book sale, I found one of my childhood favorite books, Chocolate Fever. I started reading the book while she was playing with toys, she came over and asked me to read to her. So I read some of the book allowed as she played and she loved it. It was a fun bonding moment. 

Books are something we have a lot of, shelves and baskets full of them. At an Usborne book party, I was given a tip to place baskets around the house full of books, so she could just pick one up to look at. It has been great! She’ll be in the living room and she’ll grab a book and sit on the couch. We even have a basket in the bathroom for her to read while she’s going or while she’s waiting for us while we shower. 

One of the coolest things we did last year was we did 25 books of Christmas. Every night she received a new book, she didn’t like unwrapping it, but she loved when we read it to her. We plan on doing it every year. 

At bedtime she gets to choose 3 books to read.  During the day if she doesn’t listen she loses a book, but she can earn her books back or even earn extra books.  It has actually worked pretty well, especially since we allow her to pick the books out.

Fingers crossed she continues to like reading & she keeps picking up books. 

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