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I’ve made some altercations to the blog, if you haven’t already noticed.  There are also some new things that I have added in.

First on the homepage you can now see a calendar, everything that has to do with Zoie-Lynne. Right now it is just when I have doctors appointments or when we are doing things for Zoie-Lynne. Once she comes it will be full of her doctors apts and other milestones going on with her.

On Mommy’s Experience, Daddy’s Experience & single posts you will see that the content area is now smaller and there is now a sidebar. On the sidebar you have the option to look at older posts, by the month. Subscribe to monthly newsletter emails. Right now we will not be doing one, but once we Zoie-Lynne comes we will be doing a monthly newsletter (for more information please click here). Also, if you are not already a user of the website you can signup to be a user, so you can stay up to date with the website. If you are logged in a the time you see your picture.

Please enjoy the changes, if you notice anything wrong please feel free to let me know. Below is a contact form, I do reply back to all messages.

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