Baby Soap

It seriously is crazy some of the crazy stuff they put in baby products!!

I spent a good month looking at baby soaps. Researching ingredients, why were they in the soap, what was the ingredient used for, would it cause irritations, etc. I know a super paranoid mom, but I wanted her skin to be soft & with no skin irritations. I always had issues with soaps and lotions, not fun at all. So why would I expose Zoie-Lynne to that???

In my research I’ve found so many baby soaps that have chemicals like: formaldehyde, Ethel Oxide, Dyes, Sugar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, MSG, Propylene Glycol, etc. The list of horrible things could go on forever. Things that seriously should never be in soap, it’s to wash the dirt off your skin & leave you clean, that is it.

James and I use Say Yes! To Carrots. We were going to use that for little Zoie-Lynne, but their baby line seriously is sold no where but online. So looking into it a bit further we knew we weren’t going to use Johnson’s & Johnson’s, they brand everyone seems to use, but if you do the research, the WORST soap to use for a baby!! Yes it’s the cheapest baby soap, but come on it’s your baby!!

When it came down to it we ended up going with Burt’s Bees Fragrance Free. Made with natural ingredients, gets her clean & keeps her super soft, everything a baby needs. It’s more expensive, but definitely worth it.

For more on the chemicals in your babies soap read these articles: 5 Dangerous Chemicals in Your Baby’s Bath, Are You Using This Popular But Cancer-Causing Johnson & Johnson Shampoo? & How safe is your baby’s shampoo and soap?.

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