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Baby Krompholz Hits Pittsburgh

We spent this past week exploring Pittsburgh, a little staycation!  There are so many fun places, activities and interesting things to do in Pittsburgh, especially for families.

We had a whole Red, White & Blue staycation/mini vacation here in the good ole Burgh!


We started our morning exploring the South Park Animal Preserve, a free activity with lots of animals.  We had the chance to walk around a pond full of ducks, geese and turtles.  In the open woods we were also able to see turkeys, squirrels, a doe and lots of birds.  We also had the chance to see a peacock, with very beautiful feathers.  We didn’t see any bison roaming maybe we attended to early.  Next we went over to Peace Love & Little Donuts, we had the chance to try 12 delicious little donuts!  Zoie then explored one of the many playgrounds of Pittsburgh!  After a nap we used our membership to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh!  Zoie explored the new Very Eric Carl exhibit, played in sand and splashed around in the waterplay!  We then headed home to have an indoor picnic and finger paint.


We went to Round Hill Park, where they have a working farm and a spray park.  The spray park was closed for maintenance, but we did have the chance to see sheep, a GIANT pig, cattle, chickens, turkeys and many other animals.  After a nice long nap, Zoie had the chance to ride her first carousel at the Century 3 Mall.  She rode the brown bear and she held on all by herself!  She loved it so much she didn’t want to get off and screamed for a good 5 minutes.  Also, children under 2 are free, children 2 and over are $2, parents & grandparents riding with small children are free.  We then went to visit Nana & Grumpa @ Days Inn Banksville Road, where they have a chilly pool!  After that we went to a delicious dinner at our favorite German restaurant Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh.


We took this day to just relax from all of our activities and just rest.  Zoie played at the park by our house, played with Nana & Grumpa and swam some more at the hotel.  Then we ate lunch at a Pizza restaurant called Beto’s Pizza.  Zoie then stayed at home with Nana & Grumpa while Mommy & Daddy enjoyed a nice evening out at Sienna Mercato.  This is a great mom and dad date night, they have so many delicious beers!


This was another day to just relax and nap, Zoie wasn’t feeling the crowd that day!  She was cranky from receiving four new teeth!  We did however make Pinterest crafts, make delicious ice cream in our ice cream ball & enjoyed the ice cream for dinner!  Ice Cream recipe we made click here.


This was a very fun adventure day!  We used our membership to the National Aviary, where we had the chance to watch the Flamingos and Penguins eat!  After exploring the National Aviary, we ate second lunch at the park right next door.  She was so exhausted she started to fall asleep at the park, we then left and drove to Triple B Farms.  Zoie learned all about Bee’s, she loved the talking bee!  Feed goats, that she liked when they licked her finger, link to video click here.  We also saw another peacock, some chickens and a calf!  Along the whole farm Zoie ate a whole quart of raspberries!


Happy Birthday America!  Zoie’s 2nd July 4th!  We started the day off by watching the Brentwood Firecracker 5k and the Brentwood July 4th parade after that!  We then went home to take a nap, that really wore her out running around, waving and clapping.  Then we went to our friends July 4th cookout, Zoie had a great time eating well everything!  We then watched the July 4th Pittsburgh fireworks!


We decided to enjoy a nice buffet breakfast at Eat N’ Park @ the Waterfront.  We then enjoyed Starbucks, sitting outside in the nice new colorful patio furniture Waterfront.  We are now spending the rest of the day relaxing at home! Enjoying our little pool and just enjoying each others company!

Pittsburgh offers so much to families & a lot of it is inexpensive and/or FREE, our favorite.  Know any fun interesting places in Pittsburgh for us to try, please feel free to email them to us @

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  1. Nana & Grumpa says:

    I am caught up on the blog and I have to say that the website is the best. You have done a good, no…make that GREAT job on the design. It is so much fun to read the blogs, look at the pictures, and just browse. You have redesigned some of it and it has improved so much. Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on a JOB WELL DONE.

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