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Baby Clothes For Sale

I’m currently selling some of Zoie’s old baby clothes on Mercari, if you are interested or know someone who is please send them over.

Zoie has gone thru a growth spurt and we need to start selling old clothes to make room for new clothes.  I started posting the clothes on an app called Mercari.  The app is to sell items you have just laying around your house.

Don’t know what to do with those old baby clothes or even your old clothes, just post take a picture and add a description and someone might like it enough to purchase the item.  You also can also have the buyer pay for shipping, which is very nice.

All you then have to do after the item has been purchased is place the item in a nice shipping box, tape it up and place the provided label sent to your email! Then drop it off, it is seriously as simple as that!

I’ve sold my first item last week.  I posted the item and took less than 24 hours for the item to sell, I then printed the label and out the door it went.

Need $2 to spend?  Sign-up here and you’ll receive $2 spend as a referral from me.  After you sign-up don’t forget to share your referral to all of your friends for more money!

Sell Old Baby Clothes |

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