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Apple Dipping

After apple picking a couple weeks ago at Triple B Farms (Click Here to read more), we needed some fun activities to do with those apples! What better then apple dipping?!

It was a pretty easy & fun activity to do with Zoie & James.  The worst part was waiting for the sweets to melt in the crockpot.

We placed coffee cups with sweets in them; marshmallow, caramel & chocolate (we later tried peanut butter).  Each cup we added a tablespoon of almond milk. Placed the coffee cups in the crockpot with about 1 cup of water surrounding the coffee cups, put the lid on top & wait around 3 hours.  You should stir the sweets every once in a while, to get an even melt.

About 15 minutes before I cut a couple apples with our fruit cutter, placed each apple on a long kabob stick.

Then we all dipped and added tons of sprinkles and posted coconut shavings.

It was a lot of fun; we are going to continue doing this probably all year with different fruits! Next maybe strawberries!

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