Another Target Score

Needing to get my walk in for the evening we ended up at Target.

Apparently moving positions & getting more movement in will help get my circulation back on track. Yet another reason to walk & move around.

So we ended up at Target, just to walk. We browsed the sections finding nothing interesting or that we needed. We ended up at the baby section, thinking like at the last Target maybe a nice find. We found exactly that, a very nice find.

Have you ever priced nursing bras? Some are more expensive then my Victoria Secret bras! I bought one a couple weeks ago only because I had a coupon for 20% off and I needed to start getting them. Tonight while at Target I seen the shelf for the nursing bras were almost empty & there was a red hanger that said “Clearance”. I decided just to take a look, thinking only 10% off. Baby stuff, it’s a huge market & moms will pay anything, so it’s never really on sale! But I was certainly wrong this time!! The bras were 50% off!!! Regularly $20, we got them for $10!! Seriously, 50% off and lucky me the last three were in my size!! We scored.

Now I have all the nursing bras I need and I’m so happy we went there tonight!! Such a great deal, definitely recommend hitting up your local Target.

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