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Angela Kenbok Photography

Family photos are a great way to look back and see just how much your children have grown, and yourself. We’ve been so lucky with great photographers! By far our favorite photographer, Angela Kenbok!We’ve had so many photo shoots with her, let me just say they haven’t been easy!  But,  Angie has gone out of her way to make our family photos work.

Our first photo session was in the fall of 2015, Zoie had no interest whatsoever in participating.  Angie pulled her out of her shell, got her to smile and we now have amazing fall photos hanging in our house.

Next we had Christmas & 2nd birthday photos done.  James forgot his black shirt & Zoie just wanted to eat snacks!  Angie worked her photo magic (yet again).  She had snacks in her bag and made James lime green shirt look more christmasy!  By the end of the photoshoot Zoie just was not having Christmas photos, but she did her magic again and worked out a couple more Christmas photos.

Valentine’s Day, we learned from before!  We brought snacks, oh and more people.  She did a great job fitting everyone in and making everyone look kissable for Valentine’s Day.

I cannot wait to book our summer & fall session for our 2016 Christmas cards.  Not only does she work her magic, but she’s quick at getting your photos back.  Very reasonably priced, and will make your photo vision look even better!  Our walls are full of her work, I cannot wait to keep adding to our collection.

Check her Facebook out at  Here are a couple samples of her work, she makes us always look great.  Thanks Angie.

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