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Amazon Prime Pantry

Lately I haven’t had any time to go to the grocery store. During my lunch break I go to Market Street Grocery to grab produce, but everything else I’ve been shopping on Amazon Prime Pantry.

As you can tell by almost all of my posts, and if you follow me on twitter I love online shopping especially Amazon.  But, Amazon Prime Pantry has really taken the cake for my favorite.

I really hate going to the store lately, it’s crowded, Zoie wants to be at the park & my phones going off non-stop.  For me to say I hate the store is a lot, because I’d live at Target if I could.

But, Amazon Prime Pantry is very nice and convenient. All you do is look for items you need, add them to your box.  Each item has a percent of how much the box will fill, each box cost $5 to ship, yes even for Prime Members.  For us, we fill the whole box twice a month, so $5 isn’t that bad.  Oh but don’t worry, you don’t have to fill the box to 100%.

The best part is Amazon Prime Pantry is very comparable to Giant Eagle & Target prices.  Sometimes things are a little more, sometimes it’s a little less.  They have everything we need from Honest Kids Juice to toothpaste.  The best part, a lot of the products we purchase aren’t sold in the store.  We need a lot of red food dye free products, lactose free products and low sugar, they have all of that.  Also, I have a set grocery list, I don’t buy things I really don’t need…well most of the time.

Even better, they have monthly coupons, just like a normal store.  Every month they have new items, so if you don’t see it suggest it.  They even have organized shopping lists, so it’s easier for you to shop like; baking basics, natural cleaning, food & snacks.

Give it Amazon Prime Pantry a try next month.  Save yourself the hassle with driving to the store, finding a parking spot and lugging those groceries around.  Sit on the couch order your groceries & have them delivered to your front door!

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