Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom

Everyone knows how much I love Amazon & even with the increase in Prime I still love Amazon.

If you have ever bought anything off of Amazon you will know that the shipping will pretty much kill you.   That is the main reason why I love Prime, you get your stuff in two days for free.

Well another thing I love about Amazon is they have Amazon Mom.  For us we don’t use wipes or diapers, but if you do you get 20% off and they ship them to your house within 2 days.  On top of that the reason I love Amazon mom, you can get groceries, personal care items & house hold supplies for 20% off.  Then you can set it up on subscription and receive even more off.

We buy a lot of our stuff of of Amazon!!  Especially since we buy  a lot of earth friendly and organic products, that you can’t really find in the store.  I think I buy something every week off of Amazon & I love looking at all the deals they have.  I bought a case of Seventh Generation dish soap (6 bottles) for just $15.96!!  If you ever buy that stuff in the store you know it cost anywhere between $3-6, depending on where you buy.

All and all if you are a mom I would recommend it, saves you trips to the store and saves you money.  If you decided to sign up click here and I get $10,then don’t forget to share your link so you will get $10.

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