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Everyone knows I’m a firm believer in wish lists for kids, especially when you’re throwing a birthday party.  But, I also like having Amazon Lists, just to save items.

The great thing about Amazon, items go on sale all of the time.  But, Amazon has thousands of items, you don’t always want to keep tracking them down.  Also, you want to see how much the price has come down or gone up, that way you don’t have to remember!

Well on Amazon when you add an item to a list you can see how much the item has gone up or down since you’ve added the item to your list.  Also, you can see multiple buying options for that specific item, that way you can get the best deal.  You can even have it setup that you can be emailed whenever an item significantly drops in price.

Don’t want people to see what items you have saved?  That’s fine, make the list private and only you can see it.  You can also add other people to the list, and keep it private from everyone else.

Our family has multiple lists for all occasions, some private some not.  We even have ones where we collect items to donate.  That way it’s easier to donate items, just add to the cart from a list and it sends straight to us!  Here are some of the lists we have

Also, they have wish lists and lists for every event.  Some you can even receive gifts for creating the list, like a baby registry.  Receive a welcome kit, and continue to receive items as your child grows.  Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Family while you’re at it.

Even better, if you buy items off another person’s list, sometimes you’ll receive free items.  They just did a special that if you purchased $50+ off a baby registry you received a gift card!  How great is that?!

If you have the list set to public, people can purchase items off the list and send them straight to you!  They will never see your address, it’s private. That means no hassle for them asking for addresses and no hassle for you to keep giving the address out.

Check out some of their cool lists you can create, and maybe even receive a welcome kit!

So get on it, go create a wish list today!

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