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Altimate Air

Last Sunday we visited one of Zoie’s favorite place, the trampoline park Altimate Air in North Versailles.

Of course, Zoie jumped her little heart out and ended up crashing on the way home.

We’ve visited Flight & it was by far the worst experience!  The workers were very rude, screaming at children and spent most of the time playing on their phones.  Also, Flight they have areas segregated, so if you have a smaller child you cannot jump with them even if you pay.  This made Zoie extremely frustrated, especially in the foam pit.  Zoie ended up getting out far, I went in to grab her and the worker ended up whistling and yelling at me that I was not allowed in the foam pit, even if it was to help my child. Also, socks are not included in the price, they charge EXTRA.  You cannot wear any other socks you must buy socks each time! So, that is $16 for me, $12 for Zoie & $3 for socks, that’s $34 for the both of us for an hour.

Altimate Air, by far has been the best experience!  The workers are always so friendly, especially with a very rambunctious toddler.  We show up right on weekends right when they open at 10am, great for toddler time!  There aren’t too many people and the people who are there usually also have small children.  The workers always keep an eye out & remind everyone to look out for each other, that way no one gets hurt.  Our favorite part, we can jump together!  For the two of us (socks included); $15 for me & $11 for Zoie, that’s $26 for an hour.  Not only do you get to jump, there is a bounce house & a jump bag.  For other prices, they have an arcade, Ninja course & climbing walls.  Best part, there is a movie theater, when she is a little bit older we will be excited to do both movies & the trampoline park.

As always we had a great time at Altimate Air & this time we had the chance to be joined by Nana & Grumpa!  If you’re looking for a fun activity to do this winter or on a rainy day, I’d recommend visiting Altimate Air!

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