Afternoon at the Hospital

Today I had my appointment to have my Nephrostomy tube replaced.

We started the day with my appointment for fetal monitoring at 1pm. We got to see her head, she is also head down. Her fluids were great and her heartbeat is good.

We left and went to the surgery area. They asked their questions and then we played the waiting game. We had to wait three hours, there were a lot of people today. I got to take a nap, so that was nice.

They then took my back & it was less then 15 minutes. They put me on the bed, took my bandage off, cleaned the area, put the cover over my back and the doctor started. He said he was pulling it out, clipping & they gave me a bit of numbing medication to put my stitch in & they then put my end bandage on. All done & they gave me some supplies to go home with.

Now we are fetal monitoring and Zoie-Lynne is doing good. She keeps moving so they had to move the monitor a couple times. They gave me yummy cookies, saltines and apple juice, since I haven’t eaten since this morning.

We are both doing good & feeling fine. No pain this time.

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