9 Month Checkup

Zoie had her 9 month checkup on October 7th, 2014.

I thought they said last time she was getting shots, but apparently that’s not until 12 months.

She was very happy, she had the chance to meet some other children, so she was happy about that.

She weighed in at 15lbs 11oz & 27.25 inches. She’s catching up in the weight, but her height is right on point. She said she’ll probably be tall like her dad.

Zoie is crawling, pulling herself up & standing with the help of furniture. If you hold her hands she tries to walk. The doctor said she’s on track and she’ll be walking by her 1st birthday.

She knows the words Mama, Dada & No, which is very good.

Her new favorite thing is if she doesn’t want to do something or she doesn’t want something she shakes her head no and says no. Last night james was playing with her and she kept shaking her head for him to stop. She also shakes her head when she’s done with something. Slow and steady.

Eating, Zoie’s favorite time of day! The doctor was VERY excited that Zoie is still being breastfeed, she thanked James & I. Most moms stop, due to problems or they just stop. Our plan is to keep going until she’s ready to stop. She nurses in the morning before daycare, at daycare she takes two four oz bottles & then she nurses twice at night when we get home. If she is at home she just nurses. She’s tried so many different fruited and veggies. Kale, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, spinach, bananas, grapes, coconut, coconut water, raspberries, noodles, oven baked fries, grits, eggs, onions, carrots, plain yogurt, honey dew & the list could go on. We’re trying to expose her to all foods. So far her favorite foods are: kale, banana, sweet potatoes & yogurt. She doesn’t like egg yokes from hard boiled eggs, she just eats the whites.

Clothes, besides the fact it’s like wrestling an octopus in the morning to get her dressed we finally made it to 6-9 month clothes!! She definitely is getting good use out of her clothes. She’s also wearing beanies and hoodies when outside, so we are starting to collect those. She now has a batman hat.

Also, still going strong with cloth diapers!! No plan on changing soon.

She currently has 2 bottom teeth. They are sharp and she’s chewing on everything and anything. Chewing on cold wash clothes soaked in camomile & lavender tea seems to be the most calming. Just about anything hard she’s in for chewing on! Oh and metal, which is common for babies, it’s hard and cold, so we have to keep her away from cords.

She really enjoys bath time, splashing. She likes shower time more, standing under the hot water.

Nothing much has changed, she still a very happy baby, still loves having her picture taken.

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