8 Months

It’s hard to believe that on Sunday Zoie-Lynne turned 8 months!!

Seriously where has the time gone!! She’s gone from a shriveled up potato to an actual tea cup human!!

She sits up all on her own now, once in awhile she’ll fall down, usually she’s tired. She no longer needs the sling for BathTime, she just hangout.

My favorite part we started giving her tiny bite size pieces of food. She likes chunks of bananas, strawberries, eggs & beans. She also likes the kale & strawberries puffs I’ve made her. She’s still eating baby food & drinking mommy milk. She started wanting something to drink. So she has her sippy cup fully of coconut water or Honest Kids organic juice.

She loves going out, that means more attention!! She loves Whole Foods, everyone stops to say hi, wave at her & she just soaks it up!! Her new thing she realizes people love to hear her RAWR, they think it’s cute. So she RAWRs at them & then giggle and she gets them laughing.

She’s still teething, chewing and put tinge everything in her mouth. Since we put the Amber bracelet on her we haven’t had any screaming meltdowns!! when she gets to crazy camomile tea. She’s been doing pretty well with it, just chewing on those toys.

We just bought her a wooden shape activity. She keeps banging the shapes, she hasn’t figured out just yet how to put them in the hole.

She hasn’t crawled yet. She gets in the position, then lays down and just rolls where she wants to go. I feel like she’s going to have amazing arms, all those push-ups. She also likes to get in the crawling position & put her head back, like a seal doing the ball trick. Slow and steady, eventually she’ll crawl. But for now just rolling.

She is however standing up with the help of the couch or a bench. when we stand her up and hold her hands she is starting to take steps, but she’s too wibbly wobbly. One stage at a time.

She’s started wearing 6-9 month clothes, slowly getting out of those 3-9 months. She is also loving daycare, tons of friends and toys.

Don’t forget to check picture out on Instagram #BabyKrompholz

Next month she’ll have her 9 month checkup!! Whoot, keep everyone posted!!

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