7 Months

Seriously, where has the time gone?! Zoie-Lynne is 7 months old!!

She weighs over 13 pounds!! She spends most of her time sitting up, which she has mastered. She also enjoys chewing on everything, since she is teething and has two bottom teeth sprouting.

She eats solids three times a day & milk 7-9 times a day. Her favorite vegetable is avocado & her favorite fruit is banana. She enjoys eating bananas thru a Munckin Fresh Food Bag for babies.

Since she is teething she enjoys washcloths soaked in camomile and lavender tea, that have been put in the fridge to get nice and cooled, to chew on. She also enjoys wooden teething rings/keys, Zoli teething sticks, cold water rings & her JellyStone iPhone.

In the next month we will start mixing veggies and fruits to start the mixtures of food. She’s trying to crawl now, so that is probably next up.

Don’t forget to check Instagram #BabyKrompholz for daily pictures.

7 Months

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