6 Months

On July 7th our little booger turned 6 months & we had her checkup.

She weighted in @ 13lbs 2oz with a length of 25inches & a 42cm head. She’s getting there in the weight department.

The doctor said she was looking great, he was surprised how much she has grown on solely breast milk & veggies. We told him we did give her a bit of water, he said no, she’s receiving enough from breast milk & food.

She was very friendly with him, kept smiling and trying to talk, oh & grabbing at his face. He said that was great & just keep interacting with her.

She still isn’t fully sitting up on her on, he said that was fine. She is sitting up some & leaning forward, she’s getting there, just work with her. Also, she was a premie, so just keep working with her.

Then the shots, she had them screamed for about a minute, I picked her up & she started looking at the nurse and giggling. She did great!! I was surprised.

Then the next day at daycare she decided to have a fever of 100.7. They called, James went and got her & she came home and had no fever, but 97.6 all day. She just wanted a sick day with daddy.

This weekend is her TuTu & BowTie Party @ 1pm, don’t forget if you are interested in coming.

If you are not coming please fill out her 2039 Time Capsule.

Also, I’ll be posting her 6 month pictures taken by Soberdash.

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