4 Months

Zoie-Lynne turned 4 months on May 6th & had her four month checkup on April 30th.

She is doing very well, Dr. Palmieri was very impressed.  She now weighs 10lbs 15oz & is 22.4inches!!  She weight 5lbs 10oz at birth, so she is gaining weight.

She is now on vitamin d & iron drops once a day in her milk, to get that iron level up.

She also hit all of her marks at her 4month check up.  She is following really well, if she hears a sound she looks for it.  When she sees a new face she stares and then smiles.  She’s a very friendly baby, loves looking at new people.  She is still trying to roll over, instead of rolling over she moves herself in circles, it is very fun to watch.  She is definitely an active baby!!  She still likes to hold our thumbs and stand, she is getting better at balancing herself.  She also likes to sit up, she can’t do it on her own, but she is getting really close.  She is also mimicking noises, if you make a noise she will make it and it can go on for awhile.

The big thing she is into now is really chewing on things, especially her fist.  We bought her a Gummee Glove, because she was gumming her fist so much it was turning pink.  She also REALLY likes bathtime now.  She lays in her sling and just kicks the water, we just sit there and watch her go to town.

She is still sleeping thru the night, maybe getting up for about 5 minutes to eat and go to sleep.  The new thing is she goes to bed between 6-7pm & the usually gets up around 6:30-7am.  Nappying maybe 2-4 hours thru the day.  This will be interesting when we move back to PA how she will adjust to the time difference.

At the end of June she will be starting puree food & baby rice.  I will be excited to see her expressions when she starts to eat.

She’s growing fast, we give her tons of kisses & try and take lots of pictures.

4 Months

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