3 Weeks

Today Zoie-Lynne is 3 weeks old.

Even though her due date isn’t for another 3 days she’s here & doing great.

In three weeks she’s been home for two weeks. She still likes sleeping with mom & dad, always needing to be cuddled. Eating and eating to gain that weight, she’s up to 6lbs 13.9oz and 19inches long. Oh & finally starting to fit those newborn clothes.

She likes tummy time, especially when it’s laying on mom. She’s lifting her head & keeping it there & she’s starting to try and roll on her side. She also likes sleeping on her side or tummy. Only on her back when she’s really tired or in a swaddler.

She’s also starting to be okay with bath time, just have to keep a warm washcloth on her.

The biggest achievement is that she’s finally off of oxygen. So she’s a happy & healthy 3 week baby girl.

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