2nd Night Home

Zoie-Lynne second day/night home went pretty well.

She definitely likes to be tightly wrapped I a blanket or swaddler!! I feed her put her in a swaddler, laid her in the middle of our bed & she slept from 3:30-6:50!! I ended up letting her sleep over her feeding time.

She apparently doesn’t know how not to keep her pacifier in & would fuss a bit. Eventually she got the hang of holding it in with her hand. She has also found her thumb.

I also found she doesn’t like to be wiped off. I wipe her down before her 6pm feeding with a warm washcloth & put her PJs on, she’s just not having the whole naked thing. As soon as I get her clothes back on she’s fine.

She pretty much then slept thru the night, she slept for awhile in her bassinet & then I feed her and we just cuddled until the morning.

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