2014 Halloween – House Elf

This year is Zoie-Lynne’s first Halloween!! We decided to go as a Harry Potter family. Zoie-Lynne is a House Elf, I’m Cho Chang & James is Barty Crouch JR.

We had photographer Richard Woodson take her fall photos, we have a couple and we will have more to come.

We dressed her up on Saturday October 18th for a Halloween event. On October 26 we will be taking her to the Zoo for Boo Zoo. Then on October 30 we will be dressing her up for her daycare event to go trick-or-treating. Then she’ll wear her awesome costume on Friday for Halloween. So she is having a fun time in her awesome costume.

I made the out of a pillow case & parts of a white shirt. I just cut the top of the pillow case, then tied arms. The hat was made out of a white shirt, sowing two rounded pieces for the dome, then the ears were cut, sowed together and putting other pieces of the shirt inside. All together it took about two hours. Pretty simple!!

To view Zoie’s Zoo Boo trip, click here.

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