2 Month CheckUp

Today was Zoie-Lynne 2 month checkup with Dr. Palmieri.

The visit started with a weight & length check. She weighs 9lbs 5.6lbs, 21 inches long & a head size of 14.5. That is a weight gain of 4lbs 4.4oz & she grew 3 inches since birth.

She checked her all out to see how she was doing. Her reflexes are great, heart rate is good, ears & eyes are fine.

Then she watched her lay on her tummy holding her head up on her own. Then pulled her up by her arms & she held her own head up. Then held her & let her stand & she was pushing. Then she asked us if she started rolling over, we told her yes, she has done it on her own three times. All of things are great and are usually seen in babies 3-4months.

She’s doing great, especially since she was born at 34 weeks.

Also, we can continue doing the coconut oil for her cradle cap, if it gets worse she told us about some baby cradle cap shampoo.

The visit was really good. She gave us a small list of goals for her 4 month checkup & a book to read before next time.

Then came the shots. Poor baby, screamed & I cuddled her and she was okay. I sat there and cried the whole time. We both calmed down while she was eating.

We just have to watch for a fever. Between 100-102 give her Tylenol. Higher than 104 call right away.

& Tylenol only comes with food dye!! A baby doesn’t care what color it is!! We ended up getting the Target brand, clear grape. Fingers crossed she doesn’t have to use it.

Four month checkup on April 30th.


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