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2.5 Birthday

Friday was Zoie’s 2.5 birthday!  We had a great time celebrating her being in our life for 2.5 years & the announcement of her being in our lives for 3 years.

Friday her best friend came over, we had Zoie’s current favorite food tacos.  After that we enjoyed a delicious half and half cake from Bethel Bakery.  The frosting was so fluffy and delicious. They played for a little bit while we all relaxed & started getting ready for the party the next day.

Saturday was the big day we’ve been planning her 2.5 birthday party.  This year we had the party in our backyard, with the theme Splish Splash.  We had a pool, a water table, three mini pools, a jr water slide & tons of water toys.  We had tons of food and drinks.  Zoie didn’t even make it through the whole party, around 7:30 she just passed out!  It was a great time celebrating.

Sunday the birthday adventure continued.  We had a fun breakfast at Bruegger’s Bagels & played at the park.  Zoie received a AMC gift card from a friend, so she attended her first movie, we saw The Secret Life of Pets.  She did great, watched the whole movie, and only needed one potty break.  After that, we got home and she opened gifts people had given/sent her.  Her favorite gift was a Fisher Price Barista Set.  She made us coffee all evening and has been serving up coffee.  We went out to play at the park and meet up with her best friend for ice cream.  Then we finally ended birthday weekend with snuggles, snacking on homemade meats & watched Star Wars Force Awaken.

It was a great weekend, the three of us had a fun time together.  I love weekends we get to spend together.

Also, don’t forget that we are collecting toys to donate for Zoie’s Half Birthday.  Zoie collected 83 items to donate to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  If you haven’t had a chance to donate a toy, please consider donating.  Click here to donate a toy.  We will be taking the toys on the 18th, so check back for photos.

Thanks everyone for making Zoie’s 2.5 birthday so amazing.  We’re pretty lucky to have such an awesome kid.

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