1st Zoo Trip

Yesterday (July 13th, 2014), Zoie had her first Zoo Trip.  She had a great time, stayed awake the whole time with no melt downs.

We woke up yesterday morning and decided that it would be a great day for Zoie’s first Zoo trip.  So we packed some lunches and some extra diapers (you can never have enough) and head off to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Zoie took a little nap on the way there & when we arrived woke up and was ready to go.  We started by going up their scary escalators to get into the Zoo.

She enjoyed the animals, especially the fish section, wasn’t really interested in the monkeys, tigers or bears.  She liked the flamingos, I think because they were so bright, or because they were fighting.  Mostly she really liked when we were standing looking at an animal the people who would look at her and talk to her and tell her how cute she was.  I think that was her favorite part of the whole day.

She had a tiny cry fit that lasted about two minutes because she had a wet diaper.  So we changed the diaper and then fed her some carrots and she was good to go.  We got to the end where the komodo dragons were, she looked at him for about three seconds and then fell asleep.  So she did get to see every animal that was there.

She did get a new hat, a Pittsburgh Zoo hat, she’ll be rocking that the rest of the summer, it fights very nice.

All & all it was a very successful Zoo Trip, with lots of pictures.

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