1st Tooth

Zoie’s first tooth broke thru!!

She has been drooling & chewing on everything. Last night we were playing & she was pulling on my hand & she bite me!!

Her bottom left tooth has finally broken thru. Which would explain why the past two nights she has been very cranky & irritable, oh and not really sleeping.

She we very cranky last night, along with a fever and sweating, so we have her a small dose of Tylenol. She slowly calmed down, finally she fell asleep around 11. She slept on her tummy & was back up @ 12:30 for about 5 minutes. Then again around 3:30 for about 10 minutes.

She’s doing very well all and all. Chewing on everything & staying hydrated with mommy milk & cold coconut water.

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  1. Nana says:

    Ouch!!! and ouch….

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