1st Night Home

We had a pretty good first night home.

We finally made it home around 9:15ish. James unpacked the car while I feed Zoie-Lynne. She didn’t want in her bassinet or her vibrating seat, so we cuddled on the bed. She are again & then decided she wanted in her vibrating seat, where she slept until about 11:30.

She woke up fed & decided again she needed to be cuddled. When we put her in the bassinet she squirms & starts crying. I’m thinking it’s because she has to much room & she’s not in a wrapped or in a snuggler. So I think after I feed her tonight I’ll try that. But she’s okay in her vibrating chair, since it snugges her.

She got up a couple times in the night to feed & wanted more cuddle time. Luckily we are on a schedule & it makes life so much easier. Feedings at 3, 6, 9 & 12, it makes naps easier for us & scheduling things. For now, until she wants a new schedule.

She has her first doctors appointment tomorrow at 9:25 am with Dr. Palmieri. So we’ll let everyone know how that goes 🙂

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