1st Nephrostomy Bag Changing

Tonight I changed my Nephrostomy bag & outer tube for the first time.

The bag started tinting yellow & the bag that connects to the outside tube had a bunch of white clumps. Which when I looked it up is just little pieces of shredded kidney & completely normal.

It’s was really simple take the new bag & connection tube out of the package. Hook the two together, sit aside in a clean area. Then twist the old tube off, that’s attached to the bag. Lastly twist the new tube on, seal everything up and throw it out. My recommendation, empty the bag before you change it.

One thing I will never get use to, the smell of the urine when you drain the bag. It smells worse then a bowel movement, just to let everyone know. With drinking a lot of fluids & being pregnant that thing fills up a lot, so it has to be emptied a lot. The great thing is I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to pee, it just drains in the bag. So that is actually a plus side of the bag.

I go this Tuesday to have my inner tube replaced and we will see from there how often I have to go in and have that tube replaced.

The bag is becoming less of an annoyance. I’ve learned to prop myself in different positions to sleep, so my left side doesn’t hurt. Sleeping upright with many pillows behind my back, it also relieves heartburn. At work I arch my back so I’m not putting pressure on it, moving every half an hour also helps the pressure on my back & makes it easier to lean on that are unknowingly. So all & all not that bad so far.

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  1. Nana K says:

    Nana says: Will this bag changing be on livestream soon? JUST KIDDING…keep it to yourself. Love you.

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