1st Doctors Appointment

Today was Zoie-Lynne first doctors appointment with Dr. Palmieri.

All is well with little Zoie-Lynne. She weights 5.91lbs, a length of 18.39 & her head is 12.6 inches.

She’s gained no weight since leaving the hospital. She thinks it’s because she’s nursing for about 40 minutes. So she’s burning more calories then taking in. Which is common with babies under 6lbs. So we are to nurse for 20 minutes & bottle feed at least two more ounces. We go back for just a weight check on Friday.

She will also have a monitor to check & see if her oxygen level is low. To try and start tapering her off of the oxygen.

We also are now just waiting on the appointment to have her eye looked at. That should be this week or early next week!!

Things are looking good for our little pumpkin.

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