1st Birthday

Wednesday was Zoie’s very first birthday! It was a very fun day!

We started the day with Zoie & going to Panera for breakfast. Where Zoie ate a whole Asiago cheese bagel with orange juice mixed with coconut water. We also had a great Skype with her Aunt Rona!

Then James met us and we headed off to Chuck E. Cheese! We enjoyed a crazy 2.5 hours there! Zoie absolutely loved it! She got to dance with Chuck! She gave him a high five, smiled at him and tried to crawl up his leg. She also enjoyed playing the games! She loved this game where she she pushed the button and a crane rope would come down and attack a number and give you tickets.

After that we went to Target to pick up some things for her party. Left there and headed to the doctors office. She weighs 29lbs and 44cm (17inches). Her weight and height are still great. We need to start feeding her more fatty foods like avocados for brain development. She also received three shots, so she is good until her next visit @ 15 months.

We then finished the night of with dinner and a nice skype with Nana & Grumpa.  They sang happy birthday and even had a cake.

She’s eating and drinking great, definitely no issues there. She takes two steps and decides not to walk anymore. 6 sharp growling teeth. Knows many words & loves when she points at things for you to tell her what the thing is.  She is growing so fast, before we know it she’ll be out the door.

Once all of the birthday celebrations (the whole month of January) are finished we I’ll post pictures on the blog. For now, don’t forget to check #BabyKrompholz out on Instagram.

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