102 Temp

Yesterday at work I received a phone call from James, Zoie had a 102 temp & had been sleeping all day.

The night before she didn’t sleep to well, started the stuff nose & felt warm but no temp.

I rushed home, crazy me think she could have just about every crazy sickness know to man. Or maybe even a parasite because we just started water. Even know you filter water it could happen, just saying.

James made her an appointment to be seen right away. When they picked me up from the T you could see she wasn’t herself. She was responsive & looked at you, but not her normal happy self. She didn’t RAWR or giggle, she was more like an alert zombie.

We went in, she weighs 12.12 lbs!! Her temp went down to 100. Ears were clean, chest and back were clear & no infection in her throat.

Turns out she just had a head cold!! That’s it, nothing crazy. Continue sucking out her nose with saline solution, Tylenol & cool most humidifier.

Her temp was 99 when she went to bed around 10. This morning it was 98, so she just has a slight runny nose.

Fingers crossed she’s all better.


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