1 Month

It is hard to believe that one month ago Dr. Tanner put this blue screaming mutant on top me, our little Zoie-Lynne. We started our journey as a family, we had a bit of a bumpy start the first week. After a week in the hospital we both finally got to come home.

In one month Zoie-Lynne has gained 3lbs & grew one inch. She is now completely off of oxygen & can breath 100% on her own without stopping. She also no longer has a cyst in her nose, so her eye can drain & she can breath out of her nose on her right side.

She eats very well & has tons of dirty cloth diapers. We’ve only had two sleepless nights & she sleeps almost thru the night, 4-5 hour chunks.

We also found she absolutely loves her MAM pacifiers, the only brand she’ll use (found that out the hard way). Loves tummy time, in which she can hold her head up by herself longer than 10 seconds. Of course she also loves mirror time, she loves smiling and grabbing at herself. We also found that mommy makes for the best pillow to sleep on. She also loves for me to hold her & she really likes her papoose, that she loves to take naps in. She also likes snuggling with daddy & having farting comparisons with.

In one month we’ve learned so much about this little girl & she’s taught us so much about ourselves. I can’t wait to see what month two beings.


**For more images of Zoie-Lynne click here**

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